Thermal survival bag

The ‘Life’ brand thermal bag is a survival bag made from a much tougher material than the conventional space blanket, also sometimes referred to a a bivi bag or survival bag . It comes in an airtight, sealed polythene bag measures 15cm x 10cm x 4cm when packed and opening up to 2.2 metres long x 1.0 metre wide when unpacked.

This compact product should be an essential part of your kit for anyone involved in outdoor activities and/or adverse weather conditions and is a very small price to pay in helping to prevent hypothermia and treat shock in an accident situation whilst waiting for professional medical assistance to arrive.

Uses for thermal survival bag

In extreme outdoor environments our emergency bag offers the ultimate in protection against the elements by prevention of body heat loss. Our emergency bag works in much the same way as an emergency blanket as it reflects and retains over 90% of radiated body heat.

Product details

Constructed of a heavy duty metallised polyester laminate this product is tougher than a conventional emergency blanket and because it is a sealed bag, which you step in to, it is more effective at heat retention and keeping you dry.  The bag is is constructed from a thermal weld of two sheets of this laminated thermal material making it more robust than some similar products on the market.

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