Space Blankets

Space Blankets, sometimes referred to as marathon capes and sport sheets, provide an effective, compact means of protection from the elements for participants post event for marathons, road races, spectator events and various outdoor activities.

Uses for space blankets

Our Space Blankets not only provide protection for participants but also offer the advantage of providing an excellent opportunity for event sponsors to print their brand or company logo onto our product. We have experience over many years of providing our product printed for companies such as Nike, MTV Dance, and Asics used for medium sized events to large events such as the London Marathon. Space Blankets branded products are produced and printed here in the UK. Our company is the only producer of this type of product in the UK.

Our unprinted Space Blankets option provides the same protection from the elements as printed Space Blankets at an economical price for smaller events.

Product details of our Space Blankets

Made from Kelvalite the same metallised film we use for our emergency blankets, this product reflects up to 90% of the body's naturally lost heat back to the wearer. In addition, the outer surface forms an impermeable barrier to rain and wind, as well as reducing heat loss caused by evaporation.

This product can be bulk packed in pallet sized boxes, containing sleeves loosely folded in 100 or 200s for larger events (3000+) for speedy distribution to event participants, alternatively we can supply boxes of smaller amounts - please see below to purchase smaller amounts online.

We can also fold and pack our space blankets in individual polypacks.

The minimum quantity for printing is 2000. Please do not hesitate to contact us for prices and lead times on branded or unbranded space blankets.

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