Re-usable emergency blanket / Bivvy

The ‘Life’ Brand Blanket/Bivvy is a great new reusable product which acts as a thermal blanket, a groundsheet or can also be folded and secured in seconds to provide an emergency bivvy bag!

Uses for re-usable emergency blanket

Due to its tough construction it can be used time and again and differs from our other products as multifunctional as well as lined with a comforting fabric adhered to a waterproof, thermally reflective material keeping you warm and dry. This product comes with its own tough nylon drawstring pouch making it compact to store in your kit. Our re-usable emergency blanket can be used as:

  • an emergency bivvy bag when mountaineering, skiing or trekking - simply fold the blanket in two fastening the Velcro seams.
  • a good sized thermal ground sheet when camping insulating you from the ground keeping you warm and dry
  • a blanket in medical situations to provide warmth and treat/prevent the onset and effects of hypothermia. It can be reused many times, simply wipe with a non-abrasive disinfectant between uses.

Product details

Constructed from a tougher thermally reflective material than normal space blankets - with a non-woven fabric lining. This product reflects approx 80% of heat back to the user. It measures 180 x 210 cm as a reusable blanket or 90cm wide x 210cm long when used as a survival bag or bivvy.  Its weight is 350g.

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