'Life' emergency blanket

The ‘Life’ brand emergency blanket, disposable, cost effective and compact. Also commonly referred to as a space blanket, foil blanket or thermal blanket. It is our most popular product. 

Uses for emergency blanket

Wherever exposure to cold temperatures poses a threat, the 'Life' Emergency Blanket can provide essential warmth; treating and preventing the onset and effects of hypothermia. It reflects the vast majority of radiated body heat, warming the patient in a natural and progressive fashion. In addition, the outer surface forms an impermeable barrier to rain and wind, as well as reducing heat loss caused by evaporation. In rescue situations the blanket is also highly visible as well as being radar reflective.

Our emergency blanket has been approved by leading health authorities/emergency services as the most efficient blankets of its type. Common uses of our blanket include:

  • Hospitals and emergency services - these organisations use our product to help save lives every day
  • Hiking - as part of your survival gear
  • First Aid Kit - a popular component in kits for the home, workplace or car
  • Red cross and similar emergency aid organisations - for emergency shelter from the elements in large scale disasters
  • Emergency Evacuations - many H&S managers stock our product in case of evacuation of leisure centres, hotels and large office, retail or government buildings.

Product details

Our ‘Life’ brand emergency blankets are made from Kelvalite an ultra-insulating material constructed from polyester film with a vapourised metallic coating on both sides it reflects radiated heat back to the user. Buyers of cheaper items should be aware that cheaper imported products may not be metallised and have inferior performance in treating the effects of hypothermia.

Our blanket is available in two sizes: Adult (215cm x 150cm) and Child size (123cm x 180cm)

We are able to provide our product with your own company logo. Additionally we can provide our product with generic packaging with no links to our company - Please enquire for more details.

Email: sales@hisystems.co.uk
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